CEO Club of Marin

Founded in 2003, the CEO Club of Marin brings together CEOs, local business owners, trusted business professionals and advisors to address topics that concern chief-level executives of small to medium-sized companies. Driven by virtues of comradery, education, networking, and personal development, this members-only club aims to serve as a mind-trust for CEOs and business leaders to leverage peer-to-peer advisory and share best practices for growth and success.

Club members act as a sounding board for ideas, information, ventures, challenges, and business opportunities. Members are individually screened in accordance with professional and cultural fit, as well as alignment with the goals of the club. Members must be willing to share with others in the club, maintain strict confidentiality, and exhibit integrity in all dealings. The CEO Club is not a stage for self-promotion but rather a platform for engaging discussions and collaboration.

The CEO Club hosts monthly breakfast meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, from 7:30am to 9:00am. Each event welcomes an esteemed speaker to talk about a specific topic, followed by an open, structured discussion. A common theme underlines each monthly meeting and aims to address a common challenge faced by CEOs in their daily work.

2017 Speaker Series: Growth

The focus of the CEO Club of Marin in 2017 is to cultivate trust and comradery between chief executives to share their challenges, tap into the collective expertise of experienced CEOs, and find new ideas, resources, and opportunities for growth and success.

2016 Speaker Series: Executive Challenges

What are the challenges you face in your job? How do these challenges relate to your company goals? How’s are others dealing with similar issues? What actions are you taking to overcome them? Where are you looking for solutions? Why are these particularly difficult challenges? What are the best practices? Talk about the frontiers of your endeavors… how can your peers help you

2015 Speaker Series: What’s it like to be the CEO of my company?

Big thanks to all the speakers and club members who made 2015 a great success!


4 thoughts on “CEO Club of Marin

  1. Paul Herrerias has put together a group of experienced CEOs and facilitates education and networking. Members attend a breakfast where when listening to the speakers, are like students with wide open eyes. You never leave a meeting without learning something of value. The benefits of membership far outweigh the cost or time commitment required. And, you will also make some friends along the way.

    • Enjoyed the CEO Club of Marin breakfast this morning! Great group of experienced CEOs and business owners, artfully facilitated by the Founder, Paul Herrerias. Attendees are often like students with eyes wide-open again. I always leave a meeting learning something of value. The benefits of membership far outweigh the investment of time required for me to attend, and I make new friends along the way. Thanks, Paul!

  2. Great meeting this week. Executives and entrepreneurs discussing how to grow their businesses. A lively conversation, interesting ideas, good networking. Thanks Paul!

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