June 10th 2014: Michael DeNunzio, CEO Honour Mark

Who is Michael DeNunzio? 
Michael DeNunzio has been involved in consumer internet since 1994 when he started and managed a digital interactive division for one of the largest ad agencies in the world. In 1997, he raised capital and launched Four Points Digital, which became a recognized leader in internet direct response and ecommerce marketing. As Co-founder and CEO, he stewarded strategy, financials and expansion, organically growing to 80+ people in under three years with Chicago and San Francisco operations. His company had a successful exit in late 1999.

He also spent four years in New York working on men’s fashion and apparel companies. As President of a private investment and operating group, he conducted new investment analysis and worked with their multiple brand operating companies on business and financial plans, product strategy, sales force management, manufacturing capabilities, and licensor/licensee relationships. They had operations in US, Europe, Hong Kong, and China.
Michael’s Topic
Technology is driving a fundamental transformation in retail, shifting power from the retailer to the consumer and disrupting traditional wholesale to retail distribution models.  More than ever before, knowledge of and service to your consumer is paramount.  Mike will speak about the opportunity he is pursuing in the men’s luxury apparel and accessories space and what they are doing to try to capitalize on the change in retail.
Come see Michael on Tuesday June 10th, 2014 at the McInnins Golf Club
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One thought on “June 10th 2014: Michael DeNunzio, CEO Honour Mark

  1. Thank you, Michael DeNunzio, for a wonderful presentation. You and Kimi Ihara did a fantastic job of both the formal presentation and the display of Honour Mark’s products. Your graphics were simple, yet conveyed the complex story of the challenges building a men’s fashion apparel business. Thanks again for educating CEO Club members on your business and the industry in which you compete. Wishing you and Honour Mark much success!

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