CEO Club of Marin Partners With Dominican University for September Meeting

Don’t miss our meeting on September 9th at Dominican University of California at 7:00 am. Come network, have breakfast and disuss organizational performance. $25 per person at the door.

The CEO Club of Marin and the Business Edge Briefing Series at Dominican University present Anthony Bourke, CEO and Founder of Mach 2 Consulting.

As a United States Air Force fighter pilot, Anthony “AB” Bourke learned early in his career that the key to keeping individuals and organizations performing at their peak is a constant communication system where team members receive honest feedback on a regular basis delivered in a format that they expect. For fighter pilots, this feedback occurs after every single mission as part of a systematic ritual we call “The Debrief.”
The Debrief is a sacred learning environment where pilots of all ranks and experience levels meet as equals with the sole purpose of improving themselves and their team.

Visit the following links to learn more:

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