Meeting Minutes-November 11, 2014


November 11, 2014

Speaker: Joao Correia, CEO of CORSO Sports Management and Founder, inGAMBA Tours.

About Joao:    João Correia began racing as a kid in Portugal, and went on to ride professionally. In 1996 he left cycling for college, which led to a career in the fast paced New York City publishing world. João’s wanderlust spirit took him on assignments with Hearst on titles such as Esquire Magazine that included working in Prague, Milan, San Francisco and New York. But the passion for the bike was always well rooted with João and eventually he became the Associate Publisher of Bicycling Magazine. With that he started to ride seriously again and eventually lost 60 pounds which led him back to the top echelon of professional cycling as a member of the Cervelo Test Team in a transformation that the New York Times called a remarkable athletic achievement.

CEO CLUB OF MARIN Presentation:

Joao Correia held us all spellbound with his stories of growing up in Portugal, becoming a professional cyclist at an early age, moving into a career in the and publishing industry in the USA, and then coming out of retirement to once again become a professional cyclist competing throughout Europe and the USA.

Here are my takeaways from Joao’s comments and sharing on how his career evolved on revolved around various turning points.

Elements for Success in Joao’s career and the Evolution of his Journey:

  • Vision (Belief.  Sharing your dream, clarity of vision, know why you are doing something.)
  • Preparation (Stamina.  Finances, action plan, setting goals, takes time…not immediate.)
  • Sacrifices (Build up your Tolerance for rejection, suffering, pain, and being uncomfortable.)
  • Opportunity (USA is full of opportunity…are you looking?  Luck is where Opportunity and Preparedness meet.)
  • Help others.  (Share your success.  Help enrichen the lives of others.  Pay forward the help you receive along the way.)

Two book reports, a Veteran’s Day message from Phil Gioia, and an Executive Director job lead shared, and then we adjourned.  Read Phil’s message here.

NOTE:  The discussion then continued around how sports discipline trains for business leadership success.

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