Earth Activist turns profitable entrepreneur

Today Founder/CEO of Nutiva, John Roulac, spoke to the CEO Club of Marin about “What it’s like to be CEO of my firm.”  John shared his journey from serial entrepreneur turned earth activist turned successful business leader.

John Roulac shares his challenges and successes as the Founder/CEO of Nutiva.

Mr. Roulac founded, among others, nutritional food bar, hemp textile, and super-food companies.  His latest creation, Nutiva, is flirting with the $100mm revenue mark, and has achieved 60+% GROWTH annually.  Nutiva has been recognized globally for its products, mission, culture, and growth. Their products can be purchased today at Whole Foods, Costco, GNC, many specialty stores, and online ( or

Left to right: Thomas Sheppard, Joe Delaney, Roger Sramek, John Roulac, and Paul Herrerias.

Mr. Roulac shared his learnings and insights on sustainable agriculture, carbon balancing, earth-friendly policies, hemp production, nutrition, super-foods, and finally, how to grow a successful business.

When asked what advice he would give to a hypothetical CEO taking over his business today, he responded with three insights for organizational success:

  • Stay true to the mission (and culture)
  • Keep innovating
  • Grow EBITDA

SNO LogoMr. Roulac will be speaking at an international conference on Environmental and Social Reform on September 4-5, 2015.  (

The CEO Club of Marin, founded by Paul Herrerias, meets on the Second Tuesday of each month, and is by invitation only. (

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