Marin County’s Elected CEO – Supervisor Damon Connolly

Connolly2“This was our best breakfast ever!” retorted one of our attendees this week at our November meeting. Supervisor Damon Connolly had just spoken about his first year as a Marin County Supervisor.  Attendees then brainstormed on vital topics for learning/speaking in 2016, and agreed to conduct two joint events with Dominican University of California (Exporting and Economic Forecast).  We also brainstormed on guest speakers, and the best “must read” business books.  That topic was met enthusiastically with many new book recommendations!

Supervisor Connolly shared his background with us, and helped us to follow the common thread of service and compliance in his career.  As many of us are, he was greatly influenced by the example set by his grandfather for community and civil service.  After law school, Damon worked on behalf of Californians to achieve justice from wrong dealings by Enron Corporation.  When Damon moved to Marin County he established his own local law practice, serving business owners and working as a San Rafael City Council Member.

Damon sits on the Boards of Marin Clean Energy, SMART, and other large-scale community enterprises.  Being a County Supervisor is his first full-time role working for citizens in civic leadership.   Together with his four fellow Supervisors, they manage a $500 million county budget.  Damon has taken leadership roles on several topics already, and found support from a populace ready for change.   More importantly, Damon seeks to work as a partner with his fellow Supervisors to accomplish as much as possible by working as a team.

Supervisor Connolly shared literature on Marin’s current budget and answered questions on our fiscal health, budget balancing, managing unfunded liabilities, reducing traffic, transportation planning, increasing tax revenue from Medical Marijuana dispensaries, paying down countywide debt, improving mental health services, railway infrastructure development, building low-income housing, and developing the Marinwood Plaza.  Sounded like a busy first year to us!

He promises to return in the future to give us an update on his progress running this $.5 Billion enterprise!  Follow this link to subscribe to Supervisor Connolly’s monthly newsletter.

We hope Supervisor Connolly and his wife will again join our esteemed CEO Club members at our Annual Holiday party on December 8th.  Thank you, Supervisor Connolly for your membership and ongoing support of the CEO Club of Marin.


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