Cheers of Joy for a Successful Year!

We hosted the annual Holiday Party at our home on Tuesday evening and invited members of the CEO Club of Marin and the COO Forum. What a wonderful turnout! Everyone came in full spirit and contributed to a joyous night. I sincerely compliment each of you for making the effort to get to know each other, introduce your spouses, and share the warmth of the holiday season with us.  Thanks also to everyone who contributed to the success of the party with your contributions of sustaining food and beverage.

Conversations were lovely, the food was delectable, and wine corks did not stop popping. Many of you expressed gratitude for the party and appreciation for the new friends you made. This is really the essence of our mission… bringing people together as professionals, building trust and kinship, learn together, and nurturing our network.  We do this to encourage one another, grow and succeed together, and celebrate the good times hand in hand, year after year.

It’s been a very successful year for speakers and programs, focused on “What it is like to be CEO of my Company.”  We are very excited to grow the CEO Club in 2016, and invite you to participate in our leadership and programming.

Enjoy these photos and Happy Holidays…see you in the New Year!

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