2017 Summer BBQ at the Herrerias Residence

What an amazing time we had at this year’s annual summer barbecue with members of CEO Club of Marin, COO Forum, and friends of Stanton Chase.

We hosted close to 60 people throughout the evening, seeing many of the “regulars” and meeting new friends too. There was a lively entrepreneurial spirit in the air as many of our guests shared their passions and ambitions about their startup companies or growing business units. Spouses and family members joined the lime light, enriching the evening for everyone.

For example, Glace Luxury Ice, a premium ice company founded by Roberto Sequeira, produces the perfect ice ball with absolutely nothing in it. This purest form of H2O minimizes the melting time and ensures an undiluted taste for aficionados of fine liquors, teas, and other beverages. Roberto’s ice is now served at the finest hotels, restaurants, casinos, and resorts in the world.

SmileyGo is a business intelligence model that helps companies make smart, large-scale decisions in achieving their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Pedro Espinoza, Founder and CEO, and Lydia Ma, the impressive 17-year-old who is their Technical Sales and Marketing Specialist, shared their journey and success as part of U.C. Berkeley’s SkyDeck incubator program.

It’s always inspiring and invigorating to hear stories of entrepreneurs, experienced and fresh, who dedicate so much passion and hard work towards their dreams, who are not shy to pitch their companies at every turn and seek out constructive ideas to fuel them to travel further and faster. This is the spirit of the CEO Club – colleagues and peers who provide mentorship, access, and friendship to one another.

Remember my speech? Dream clearly, enlist mentors, refine your plan, and work relentlessly.  Put your dreams in writing and visuals. Rising tides raise all ships, so let’s work together to raise the tide through mentorship.  Use your mentors to constantly polish your plan. You are not defeated until you quit, so keep your dreams in clear focus and pursue your plan relentlessly. And…when you learn to paddle-board, people are watching your relentless effort and will cheer your eventual success!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us and we hope to see you again for our Holiday Party in December!

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