Crowdfunding Campaign for Northern California Fire Relief Efforts

Dear Members,

Our October meeting was abruptly canceled due to the fires sweeping Northern California. We will be rescheduling the event on Involving your Family in your Business Enterprise to a later date in Spring 2018. We will proceed as scheduled for our November 14th meeting.

In the meantime, we have commenced a crowdfunding campaign for Northern California Fire Relief Efforts (Click here to Donate).

Please read on below and considering supporting our efforts to help those affected by this tragedy.

Wildfires have spread across the Wine Country and 8 Northern California Counties, causing widespread devastation, displacement, and even loss of life. Our friends have lost their homes, vineyards, ranches, stores, and in some cases, their businesses and jobs. Our employees, partners, clients, family, and friends who are affected by this natural disaster are showing tremendous resilience, comradery, and compassion.

Rising tides raise all ships.

Stanton Chase – San Francisco is committed to raising funds to support the victims of the Northern California wildfires. Our goal is to leverage the business community to help mobilize resources, donations, and even volunteer to support families endure this tragedy and work towards rebuilding.

We will be working in partnership with the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber, CEO Club of Marin, and the global Stanton Chase network to drive fundraising efforts. Your contributions will help our neighbors stay safe, support evacuation centers, provide food and clothing to displaced families, and aid in clean-up and rebuilding efforts.

100% of donations will be donated to local city, community, and business organizations helping coordinate relief efforts.

Please help us support our community. Your compassion and goodwill are deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Stanton Chase – San Francisco

Paul, Rich, Steve, Marie, Kim, and Musa


Sonoma County Website: How You Can Help

Google: Fire Crisis Map

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